Customer Testimonials

"Just want to let you know I put down my first bale...this is sooo easy and looks so much better than the bark I had down. Shipping was fast and purchase was easy. Thank you so much.....this is great stuff.....very clean and great.....bales spread easily." Jack M. - Wisconsin

"Everybody loves the pine straw! Now our puppies no longer track 
in all that black mulch! A great answer to our problem – thank you very much! Great customer service and we received our bale in a very reasonable amount of time." Leslie and Danny S. - Texas

"The service was great as always. Thanks a lot."

"Pine straw was packaged nicely. I would order again."

"Never considered [buying] pine straw over the net before, but I 
was glad I found you and your product."

"Great customer service and very satisfied! Thank You!"

"I will be buying more! Thanks." Greg R.

"I really do like what I see when I put them down. Thank you."

"I have used it for the dog run. The dog likes it, she doesn't eat it, 
she stays clean, and it is working good for that purpose."

"I will order again when the time comes. Thanks again."

"I over estimated the amount I needed! I'm amazed how much is in each box"

"Everything went very well."

"It is an excellent product that is difficult to find in Minnesota. In the future I will have no reason to buy from anyone else."

"I will be ordering more in the future."

"I was very pleased and have been sharing the web site with my 

"Just started using it last summer. Wow! I felt under the pine straw on a really scorching day and the earth was lovely and cool and still moist from the last watering." Rhonde R. - Washington

"Thanks again!!!!!!"

"I'll get some again next year... and more this time."

"We like it so much we will be purchasing more in the future."

"Easy and exactly what I expected based on the video on the site - 
no weeds yet! I followed all instructions and am very happy with this purchase - thanks!"

"Thank you. It was a very easy and pleasant ordering process. I will certainly order from your company again."

"I will reorder. Thank you."

"I am delighted with the nice pine straw. The pine straw calculator
helped me so much to know how much to order. Thank you."

"Outstanding. Very easy to work with."

"...the pine straw works great in the area of Jack County where the wind blows so much."

"Jody was a joy to work with and was very helpful in getting my delivery to me on time."

"Thanks for the pinestraw mulch. It was easy to use and looks great!"

"I just put the pine straw down this weekend and the results are beautiful."

"We ordered one bale from you, which we received last week, and we are believers! Suzy N. - Texas

"I wanted to thank you for the exceptional customer service you 
provided in regard to my pine straw order. There was a mix up and my order did not ship out. When I contacted Pine Straw Direct your staff went above and beyond to get my order to me ASAP. It’s rare to get good customer service these days and I appreciate it very much. You can be sure that I will highly recommend Pine Straw Direct to everyone I know. Thank you." Laura S. - Texas

"Will be ordering from you again...many thanks for your great customer service and fine product...leave it to the Lord to supply all our needs thru nature!"

"It's nice to find an internet company to follow thru with what they advertise. The pine straw I am using for purple martin pre-nests. It will work perfectly. Thank you."

"I just wanted to thank you. It looks just wonderful. I will be ordering more either tonight or tomorrow. Again, thanks and I am just one happy camper." Tracy F. - Iowa

"I will be ordering more this week, but I just wanted to say that I am really pleased."

"Terrific job. Thank you so much."

"Always a pleasure ordering from your website."

"I certainly will be ordering pine straw in the future."

"Very satisfied. Thank you."

"The box was fully loaded with pine straw and was not full of other 

"You have made my gardening experience easier. I raised great strawberries last winter/spring."

"I love my pinestraw, and I always recommend Pine Straw Direct to 
everyone that asks about it. Thanks."

"I will order again. Order was processed, shipped and received within two days."

"Great service. Thanks."

"Excellent packaging and delivery. The pine straw was easily and 
quickly placed and has made an immediate improvement to the appearance of our front flower beds. Most likely, I will be ordering further deliveries in the future when the beds are prepared. I do appreciate the quality of your pine straw, easy ordering method, and quick delivery to South Carolina."

"Thanks, a little bit of home makes our Minnesota home look much better."

"I'm thrilled to have this source and will order from Pine Straw 
Direct again! Thank you!"

"I am overjoyed that it really doesn't float as I have placed it on a 
30 degree slope and it hasn't moved a bit with the rain and wind we have gotten."

"People often do not know until they have used pine straw how 
superior it is to other types of mulch. Thank you."

"I will order again."

"I love it. Very easy to apply; looks beautiful. I will order more and 
my neighbors love it as well. Have received many nice comments."

"Great product. The video on how to put it out is helpful so keep
 that on your webpage!"

"I've ordered pine straw from you several times, and I've never
been disappointed. Thanks for a quality product!"

"I got all the bales down and it looks terrific." 
John B. - Texas

"My aunt used this years ago and had beautiful gardens. I am very 
happy with the results. We have had unprecedented rainfall this season and I have remarkable few weeds. Thank you."

"The pine straw lasted much longer than the hardwood mulch I had been using. The pine straw from last year is still good, and I have to apply only 2-3 inches of fresh straw this spring. The pine straw is exceptionally clean and looks good all summer long. Thanks for a great product!"

"I think the pine straw is going to work out very well. It looks good 
in the various flower beds, is very easy to work with, and seems to be holding the moisture in, which is very important at this time."

"I am so glad that I found this outlet for pine straw. I needed a mulch that my two dogs wouldn't eat yet provide for the plants. I love this stuff! 

"Very nice doing business with you." Brenda B. - Texas

"I really enjoy and appreciate the great service."

"It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you!"

"We have an awkward property to access. This was so much easier than lugging bags out there. It was much easier to handle and spread too. Looks neat and lovely!"

"Great from start to finish. Thanks for the great service."

"My landscaped beds have never looked more beautiful. Thanks for

                                        offering a quality product. I'll certainly be a return customer!"

"The coverage is great, and the quality of the straw wonderful! Thanks again."

"I have had slugs in my flower beds for years, and now with the 
pine straw, NONE! I had read that they don't like the pine straw and that is right!"

"I used your pine straw last summer in my beds, and they looked great! I added more straw this summer to freshen up the beds and added it throughout my yard. Thanks for a superior product. I even told people who asked where I got it. They appreciate a great product, too!"

"I was very happy with my overall experience. I will definitely order again in the future. I have also recommended this to friends and family. "

"Very quick and easy."

                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "We can't get this up north in New Jersey so I was happy to find

                                        you on the Web. Thanks, I love it!"

                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "It was just shipped to my door, how great is that!!!!!!! Thanks so


                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "We received our order very quickly! Thanks!"

                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "I am very satisfied with the product, and the timeliness with which

                                        I received it. Thanks!"

                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "The shipping was very fast - 3 days to get to my home. The product

                                        is great, looks very natural, and fits into my landscaping great. Very

                                        easy to use and handle. I have had many people over to see this

                                        and many people stop to ask what kind of mulch it was. Thanks for

                                        the great service and great product."

                                                                            Customer survey respondent


                                        "It is beautiful. Just what I had expected. I will tell everyone and

                                        will order again."


                                                                                                  Brenda M. - Midland, Texas



                                        "Shipping was very fast, the pine straw is lightweight and easily

                                        spread, and it looks great in my garden."


                                                                        Susan R. - Minneapolis, Minnesota



                                        "I have fallen in love with pine straw! My roses have never

                                        looked better."

                                                                        Donna M. - Brookshire, Texas



                                        "It looks great."

                                                                        Chris O. - Norfolk, Massachusetts



                                        "My purple martins are going to love this soft pine straw for their

                                        nesting needs! Thanks for the quick shipping."


                                                                        Mark R. - Katy, Texas



                                        "I have never in my life had an order processed so efficiently! I was

                                        a little shocked that my order was ACTUALLY processed and

                                        shipped the same day I ordered it, and delivered the next day. I am

                                        extremely impressed and have already referred you to a friend!

                                        Thank you for such great service!"


                                                                        Ellen D. - Waco, Texas



                                        "I love it! I ordered it for my beds in my back yard. I wanted

                                        something light and airy because of northern exposure and

                                        wetness. I also have 3 dogs who love to walk through the beds

                                        and always have black, muddy feet afterwards. This works GREAT!!

                                        No more muddy, black feet. Ohio is known for its heavy clay soil."


                                                                        Deb - Youngstown, Ohio



                                        "We love how our flower beds look...have had several people ask

                                        us where we got the pine straw so hopefully you will get some

                                        orders because of how beautiful our yard looks!! Thank you so

                                        much, and we will look forward to ordering from you again!!"


                                                                        Toni W. - Kalamazoo, Michigan



                                        "Will definitely order from you again and have told others and will

                                        encourage them to order from you as well. They love how ours

                                        looks in our yard."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "You have become a welcome resource to my garden and lawn



                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "I love my pine straw and it's just the way I used it when I lived in



                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "Perfect, as always!"


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "I LOVE your company & am so happy to have found you!!"


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "Great job - my order was processed and delivered very quickly,

                                        which I appreciated very much."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                                  "It was absolutely wonderful to be able to get the pine straw mulch

                                        we wanted without paying landscaper prices. It arrived very quickly

                                        and looks beautiful. I will be ordering another bale today...we found

                                        we could use this in other beds as well. Very satisfied customer

                                        who will be repeating her business!!!"


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "Next March when the Purple Martins return they'll find nice warm

                                        pine straw in their apartments. We can have snow on the ground in

                                        March here in Bartlesville, OK so they can really require pine straw

                                        to survive the cold. Thank you so much! As for shipping-pine straw

                                        arrived just a couple days after my order!"


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "We were very impressed with the pine straw and at how quickly

                                        we received it. Great work. We will definitely order from you again."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        "I was extremely pleased with the quality of product and your

                                        timely service. Thank you."


                                                                                            Customer survey respondent



                                        "I have recommended you to others."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent


                                        "I am so thankful to have found and ordered from you. Your ordering

                                        process is easy and your delivery is very speedy! Thanks for

                                        fulfilling my mulch needs!"


                                                                        Customer survey respondent


                                        "Great product."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent



                                        " was a great find."


                                                                                            Customer survey respondent


                                        "I love my pine straw!! My flower beds look so much better, and I'm

                                        sure my plants will love it too. Thanks."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent


                                        "Great job. Thanks! Will use again and recommend to neighbors."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent


                                        "The bale covers a lot more than what you would think. I'm sure I

                                        will be ordering from you all again in the future. I covered the same

                                        area with about 1/2 a bale, so it is well worth it."


                                                                        Customer survey respondent


                                        "It's great in the veggie garden. Lightweight and easily manageable.

                                        Thank you, thank you."

                                                                          Customer survey respondent

                                        "The pine straw matches the look of the surroundings well and

                                        provides a substrate that is easy for us to clean and replace

                                        without destroying the soil in the exhibit. The animals, particularly

                                        the pandas do also enjoy it as bedding."

                                                                          Zoo purchaser

                                        "We are using the pine straw for our Purple Martin gourds. I learned

                                        of pine needles for nesting materials online and so the search was

                                        on to find the product. Finding you was the happy result."

                                                                           Customer survey respondent

                                                  "Pine straw is exactly the mulch needed for the wind conditions in

                                        Jack County. Our first batch (2 bales) were laid out during 30-40 mph

                                        winds and it didn't move!!! Hurray! I did order 10 more bales."

                                                                            Customer survey respondent

                                        "I've been trying to find "clean" pine straw for years, and I was

                                        extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of the straw I

                                        ordered. I even ordered a second time--doubling my initial order. I

                                        plan to use the pine straw mulch in the vegetable garden this year--

                                        no more sprouted wheat or oat straw!"

                                                                              Customer survey respondent

                                        "Third order I placed with you and I receive it so quickly, I wish I

                                        could unpack and do my part as fast you send it, thanks again!"

                                                                                                    Customer survey respondent

                                        "This was the first time I've used your company, and it won't be the

                                        last!!!  Awesome job!!!"

                                                                                                    Customer survey respondent

                                        "Your company is great, thanks for the excellent service. I will be

                                        ordering another shipment next year to finish my landscaping."

                                                                                                    Customer survey respondent

                                        "I am a very satisfied customer and I would order again. Great

                                        service. Great product. And so far, it hasn't blown away in our

                                        windy location."

                                                                                                    Customer survey respondent

                                        "Great on shipping. I ordered on a Thursday and received the

                                        order next day on Friday. Great turn around and the straw looks

                                        great in my landscape beds."

                                                                                                    Customer survey respondent