Why Pine Straw?

The mission of Pine Straw Direct is to make premium pine straw, an all-natural mulch alternative, more readily available in small quantities to the every day consumer.

Pine straw has been proven to be an ultra effective and long lasting landscaping product. It doesn't float or wash away and it breaks down more slowly, extending the time between reapplication. It is lightweight and easily handled. Pine straw is an excellent solution for erosion control. It can be used in areas where grass won't grow and is great for sloped areas, walkways and paths.

Because there is no harvesting of trees to produce pine straw, it is a sustainable and organic alternative to traditional mulch. It is more breathable, doesn't compact and allows for better water infiltration, creating healthier soil. Pine straw increases plant health by adding organic material and nutrients to soil and reducing weeds.

With uniform color and fine texture, pine straw is attractive and visually appealing. It brings out the color, contrast and texture of your landscape. Pine straw is also pest free, so it is not going to attract termites into your landscape.

Traditionally, pine straw has been used by golf courses, zoos, landscaping companies, master gardeners and other business that have the need for mulch in bulk. It is easy to spread, clean and replace without destroying soil. Our goal is to see it being used by homeowners and small business owners.