Pine Straw - Roll of Pine Straw

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We offer rolled pine straw as a more traditional alternative to QuickStraw. Pine straw can be used as a ground cover or mulch. It increases curb appeal of landscaping while improving the soil and controlling weeds. Our rolls are easy to distribute and a long lasting mulch alternative.

Each bale covers approximately 100 square feet. Coverage estimates are based on a settled pinestraw depth of approximately 3 inches. Each bale is compressed for shipping. After removing from the shipping box, simply unroll the bale and scatter the pine straw mulch by hand to achieve the recommended coverage.

Shipping disclaimer: Because pine straw is bulky to ship, the cost is increased due to dimension. Due to this, the shipping weight you see displayed is more than the actual weight of the product and may not match the weight on your shipping label.

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See photos of pine straw used in landscaping.

For orders over 25 bales, we also offer rolled pine straw in bulk. Visit our wholesale page for more information.