QuickStraw - Bagged Long Leaf Pine Needles

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Bagged long leaf pine straw is an excellent alternative to the typical baled pine straw. It is easy to transport and store with no mess. Pine straw can be used as a ground cover or mulch. It increases curb appeal of landscaping while improving the soil and controlling weeds. The higher resin content makes long leaf the longest lasting pine straw. Each bag is equal to 2 traditional square pine straw bales.

  • No mess
  • Covers up to 80 square feet
  • Erosion control
  • Equal to 2 traditional square bales
  • Promotes soil improvement


Shipping disclaimer: Because pine straw is bulky to ship, the cost is increased due to dimension. Due to this, the shipping weight you see displayed is more than the actual weight of the product and may not match the weight on your shipping label.

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See photos of pine straw used in landscaping.